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Trash Taxi Customer Reviews

You love Trash Taxi and Trash Taxi loves you!

Sure, we could sing our own praises, but why not let our customers speak for themselves? We want you to know that you can rely on us, and our best advocates are our own customers. Take a look for yourself and see what our customers are telling us.

"I have been a long time customer for residential services including roll off dumpsters. Trash Taxi has been great and their customer service is excellent. I was very pleased to find out that they service the area that I just recently moved to and that I was able to keep them as my preferred vendor.

Thank you for the great customer service!"

- John C
5 Star Review

"Thank you! Your phone staff is very nice on the phone. The trash collectors always put the cans sideways when done which is SO helpful to know it has been picked up. They also line them up - not just throw them back like some services.

The little things mean a lot!"

- Sue
5 Star Review

  • Vickie P. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Marty Ray
    Marty was very helpful answered all questions.
  • Paula E. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Great Company!
    Since we switched a couple of years ago to Trash Taxi, we have not been disappointed. The couple of times I have had to call in to ask for can to be put back in a certain spot of the driveway-we haven't had to ask again. Marty, in Customer service is always so helpful in resolving matters. She even called me to let me know my online bill pay had the wrong account number. Thanks Marty and the crew at Trash Taxi!
  • Jane J. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    I needed this
    I was using a company that had sold my business more times than I can count. My Garbage can was left 1/2 a block from my house each week. I called Trash Taxi and got Marty on the phone she assured me that that would not be the case with them and she was right. On Time, affordable,and my garbage can is left at the drive way where it belongs. Thanks Trash Taxi just one more small thing not to sweat.
  • Debbie M. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    I love my trash taxi route men. They are so nice. Very aware of there job and the service they provide with pride and a smile always. Rain, cold, hot they got ya covered. Thank you so much! Five stars and then some from me.
  • Ivey S. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Talked with Marty on February 6, garbage not picked up, I had it in a different can which was my fault. She said they would pick it up later that day or the next day. Driver came later that day and picked it up, I spoke with him and apologized for the inconvenience ,he was very nice. I spoke with Marty on the 7th, she was very helpful, I have dealt with her on several occasions regarding bulk pick up, always courteous.
  • Jonathan reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Returning Customer ****
    I switched to another company to save $2 per month - BIG MISTAKE - called back to TRASH TAXI to get great, reliable service. I have had my driver Andy for over 8 years. He is the best!
  • Laureen H. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Wonderful Service!
    As a new customer the service is great! Had a little billing glich which was expertly handled by Marty. (I hope I spelled her name correctly). I have told friends about Trash Taxi and I hope they join your group. Thank you and I'm looking forward to a new year of great service!
  • Nancy reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Best Service ever!
    So nice to call a business and not get stuck in a phone tree! Then worse to get put through to someone that is not understandable and doesn't know anything! NOT at Trash Taxi. I was helped by Marty. Who did research called me back and addressed all my concerns. (How often does that happen!)
  • Laura C. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    New trash can!
    We missed our pick up on Monday and I didn’t call until Wednesday. I was instructed to leave my can out and possibly it could be picked up on Thursday or Friday but the lady was not sure. Well, we left it out Thursday, no pick up. We left it out Friday and went to run some errands. When we got back we were anxious because we did not see our trash can sitting where we left it at the end of the driveway! We turned into our driveway and what do we see! Our NEW trash taxi can sitting in its sheltered spot! Thank you Trash Taxi! I feel whole again!
  • Jake reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Great Dependable Service
    I have used Trash Taxi for roll off containers on multiple properties. They are prompt, offer excellent pricing and do not add junk charges at the end like some competitors. I highly recommend.
  • Arun D. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Professional & courteous service. Great rates
    I have been using Trash Taxi of Georgia for almost ten years for hauling construction debris and other waste. They provide excellent service. Dumpster delivery and pickup is always on time. Drivers are professional and courteous. Office manager is very helpful. They offer very competitive pricing for their roll off dumpsters. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a roll off dumpster.
  • Faith B. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Marty is such an asset to your company
    I called your office today to pay to have 4 bags of yard waste picked up with my regular trash pick-up tomorrow, and spoke to Marty. I don't know how to tell you how much I appreciate her friendliness, and can-do attitude. It's so refreshing to have good customer service, and be able to complete a transaction with such little effort. Please let her know how much I appreciate her.
  • Debbie W. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Service Calendar
    Would be helpful if the posted service calendar was up to date so my trash would not be sitting out all day, i.e. Labor Day holiday not mentioned on the calendar.
  • Jennifer reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Great customer service!
    Marty was super sweet and very helpful! She quickly addressed my issue and helped me fast and efficiently! Very pleased customer
  • Kathy K. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Our community looked and looked for an alternative company instead of the "I don't care big boys". Wow were we lucky with this find! They are kind, helpful, reliable, not messy , and the list goes on. Crystal the office manager is the BEST! Hands down they are the best in this industry!!! Trashin' is definitely their passion and it shows!
  • Julia M. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Review of Service
    My trash is chronically missed as you will see from my numerous calls to Trash Taxi. It's always "Driver shows he was there at "time" and trash was not out. It's ALWAYS out the night before pickup so I'm unclear as to why it really isn't picked up. Maybe cause I live in cul-de-sac & am the only client. I'm sure you wont share publicly.
  • Randy reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Shrinking Cans and Rising Prices by the Old Company
    After 25 years of dependable trash collection service our small, private company was bought by a much larger one and things changed for the worse! No Customer Service Callbacks ever! Broken trashcans, multiple missed pick-ups and rising prices along wth much smaller cans were the straw that broke the Camels back! We switched to Trash Taxi and was immediately impressed with professional Customer Service that obviously cared about us and our problem. They delivered a new can as promised and service has been incredible! I recommend Trash Taxi above all other companies in the Woodstock / Acworth area!!! Thank you Trash Taxi!!!
  • Kay P. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Great Company and Service for roll off dumpsters
    This is a great company. Sheryl is always very helpful when we need to order a roll off dumpster for a new project or when we need a swap out. Would highly recommend Trash Taxi. Thank you and keep up the good work.
  • Anita B. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Commercial Project
    Thank you Sheryl for getting our dumpster to the job site so quickly and placing it just where I asked! The driver was also very accommodating and helpful. Thank you!!! Anita Quality-Craftsmen
  • Adrian F. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Trash Taxi for actally doing the job they say they are going to do when they say they will do it. It's nice to actually be able to not only count on a company to do the job, but also to have someone like Crystal, who goes out of her way to make sure her customers know that if we need anything she is just a phone call away. Good customer service is rare these days, but the personal attention she makes sure you get is unheard of. Keep up the good work, guys, and don't think it goes unnoticed!
  • Vickey D. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    We have been with Trash Taxi for 10 years, we are very pleased with the service. Mrs Marty Ray is certainly an asset to you company, she is very knowledgeable, courteous and a pleasure to talk with.
  • Noneya reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Too Funny
    of course the only good reviews are posted, but what about the bad ones? the truth hurts,so I guess it would hurt this company to post the truth and you are forced to post a star! LOL well Yelp will post my review!
  • Faith B. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Marty is such an asset to your company
    When I call into your call center to schedule lawn waste pick-up, I have learned to ALWAYS ask for Marty. She is so pleasant and knowledgable, and always understands what I need. I want her to be recognized for her can-do attitude, and friendly and helpful demeanor. If it weren't for her, I would have had to find another service to pick up at my home. She saved a customer for you. I believe everyone on our street uses your company now. Thank you, Marty, for being there and answering all my questions and concerns. You are a gem, lady.
  • Faith B. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    Satisfied with Trash Taxi's Service
    I want to complement Marty for her friendly, professional, and can-do attitude. I enjoy talking to her when I need additional services. Pick-ups are prompt, and they have never forgotten to pick-up trash at my home. Everyone on my street now uses this company, and we all have other choices.
  • Cliff L. reviewed Trash Taxi of Georgia
    absolutely a great company, great service, i recommend them to everyone, american owned. employees are professional, the mechanics who maintain the equipment are top notch, a fantastic company

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