Trash Taxi Customer Reviews

You love Trash Taxi and Trash Taxi loves you!

Sure, we could sing our own praises, but why not let our customers speak for themselves? We want you to know that you can rely on us, and our best advocates are our own customers. Take a look for yourself and see what our customers are telling us.

"I have been a long time customer for residential services including roll off dumpsters. Trash Taxi has been great and their customer service is excellent. I was very pleased to find out that they service the area that I just recently moved to and that I was able to keep them as my preferred vendor.

Thank you for the great customer service!"

- John C
5 Star Review

"Thank you! Your phone staff is very nice on the phone. The trash collectors always put the cans sideways when done which is SO helpful to know it has been picked up. They also line them up - not just throw them back like some services.

The little things mean a lot!"

- Sue
5 Star Review