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Guidelines and FAQ’s


  • Put trash out the night before your collection day. We start early!
  • Service includes a full cart plus three additional bags outside the cart, no bags over 35 gal. (kitchen size).
  • Any bags after the allotted three are $2.00 each and must be called into office at least one business day before service day. This includes residential size 35 gal. trash bags, not contractor bags.
  • Customers are responsible for cleaning their trash cans. Keep yours happy by using disinfectant! Your can will stay cleaner longer if you bag your trash.
  • Georgia law prohibits us from collecting batteries, tires, oil, liquid paint or combustible materials deemed hazardous, such as propane tanks or acids.
  • Bulky materials such as drywall, concrete, bricks, dirt, tree limbs, lumber, sofas, major appliances, or rocks are not accepted for regular pickup. Call the office to set up and estimate removal.
  • NO BATTERIES of any kind!  These can start fires in our trucks.
  • Use proper disposal of needles with sharps containers as advised by your physician.
  • We do not accept dead animals.
  • Notify our office immediately when moving or transferring service.
  • Remember, don’t forget to tie your trash bags.


Billing FAQ’s


  • Please be aware, to start service you will be billed for 3 months of service plus a one-time setup fee of $27.95.
  • Trash Taxi will furnish a 95-gallon container for your use to be delivered before the start of the first pick up. This container is owned by Trash Taxi and will be surrendered back to Trash Taxi if the customer discontinues service. If the can is not returned to Trash Taxi the customer is responsible to pay a $150 can replacement fee.
  • No refunds will be issued for service canceled within the billing quarter.
  • Accounts will automatically be charged a $25 late fee after the 10th of the month the bill is due.

Suspended accounts:

If your account is suspended and you submit your late payment on or after your route/service day, your trash will be picked up the following week's service date.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to email customer service at:

Trash Taxi

New Guidelines for Can Placement

Keep your garbage cans three feet apart and 10 feet from any obstacles such as mailboxes, cars, lamp posts, or power lines.

Trash can

Place your trash can at the curb with the wheels facing your house and the lid opening into the street. The garbage can lid has arrows that should point towards the street.

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