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Terms and Conditions

Paper statements are available with a $3.49 administration fee.

Please be aware, to start service you will be billed for 3 months of service plus a one-time setup fee of $27.95. 


Trash Taxi will furnish a 95-gallon container for your use to be delivered before the start of the first pick-up.
This container is owned by Trash Taxi and will be surrendered back to Trash Taxi if the customer discontinues service.
If the can is not returned to Trash Taxi the customer is responsible to pay a $150 can replacement fee.


No refunds will be issued for service canceled within the billing quarter. 


Accounts will automatically be charged a $25 late fee after the 10th of the month the bill is due.


Online payments can take up to 7 business days to post to the customer’s account and any fees incurred during that time are
the responsibility of the customer.  Autopayment is available with a $1.49 administrative fee.


Paper statements are available with a $3.49 administration fee. 


If an account is closed due to nonpayment a reconnect fee of $100 as well as the past due balance and future quarter will be

charged to restart the service.


Upon ending of service, the loss of, or failure to furnish cans visibly at service location may result in a fee:


  • 96-gallon container – $150

  • 65-gallon container – $150

  • 18-gallon container – $15

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